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Published: 24 OCTOBER 2011


““A challenging, sophisticated, and important book.” – MARC LYNCH, FOREIGN POLICY


How oil undermines democracy, and our ability to address the environmental crisis.

Oil is a curse, it is often said, that condemns the countries producing it to an existence defined by war, corruption and enormous inequality. CARBON DEMOCRACY tells a more complex story, arguing that no nation escapes the political consequences of our collective dependence on oil. It shapes the body politic both in regions such as the Middle East, which rely upon revenues from oil production, and in the places that have the greatest demand for energy.

TIMOTHY MITCHELL begins with the history of coal power to tell a radical new story about the rise of democracy. Coal was a source of energy so open to disruption that oligarchies in the West became vulnerable for the first time to mass demands for democracy. In the mid-twentieth century, however, the development of cheap and abundant energy from oil, most notably from the Middle East, offered a means to reduce this vulnerability to democratic pressures. The abundance of oil made it possible for the first time in history to reorganize political life around the management of something now called “the economy” and the promise of its infinite growth. The politics of the West became dependent on an undemocratic Middle East.

In the twenty-first century, the oil-based forms of modern democratic politics have become unsustainable. Foreign intervention and military rule are faltering in the Middle East, while governments everywhere appear incapable of addressing the crises that threaten to end the age of carbon democracy—the disappearance of cheap energy and the carbon-fuelled collapse of the ecological order.

In making the production of energy the central force shaping the democratic age, CARBON DEMOCRACY rethinks the history of energy, the politics of nature, the theory of democracy, and the place of the Middle East in our common world.

CARBON DEMOCRACY was chosen as one of FOREIGN POLICY magazines “Best Books on the Middle East 2011”. For more information, visit: http://lynch.foreignpolicy.com/posts/2011/12/26/best_books_on_the_middle_east_2011_0



“This study of the basis of modern democracy over the past century connects oil-producing states of the Middle East with industrial democracies of the West. Mitchell argues that carbon democracy in the West has been based on the assumption that unlimited oil will produce endless economic growth, and he concludes that this model cannot survive the exhaustion of these fuels and associated climate change. Tim Mitchell has written a remarkable book that deserves a wide audience.”

– MAHMOOD MAMDANI, author of Good Muslim, Bad Muslim


Timothy Mitchell teaches at Columbia University. His books include COLONISING EGYPT, RULE OF EXPERTS, and CARBON DEMOCRACY.


ISBN: 9781844677450 $26.95 / £16.99 / $33.50CAN/ Hardback / 288 pages


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