[Marxism] A Meter So Expensive, It Creates Parking Spots -- in the City by the Bay

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Fri Mar 16 13:35:05 MDT 2012

Years ago, a friend of mine who happened to have been born into a family
with some money behind it told me that she grew up never really thinking
about things like parking meters.  Her uncle and her father, she pointed
out, just parked anywhere they wanted.  It was worth what was then a $20-35
fine to park right outside where they wanted to be.  "Being rich is like
having universal parking rights."

Then, too, the fancier the car--or the limo--the less likely you'd ever see
a ticket on it downtown.  I remember going to class once down in the loop
and spending most of the day there.  When I left to catch the el, the same
car that had been there hours before hadn't moved and remained miraculously
unticketed.  :-)

Nobody to blame but ourselves if we didn't have the individual initiative
to get outselves born into a rich family.


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