[Marxism] Death of a Salesman

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 16 13:57:21 MDT 2012

I think guavatree misses the point of the play.
This is a heartwrenching tragedy precisely because Miller portrays a very
unsympathetic petty-bourgeois character who wholeheartedly believes in the
most superficial values of the system -- values his "betters" convinced him
will make him a success -- and then finds that once his usefulness is over
he is so easily discarded. And even at the end he has very little clue of
what went wrong.
Guavatree seems to think Willy is an incompetent salesman and the fault is
his own. If that were so it wouldn't be a tragedy.
Guavatree seems upset that neither workers nor capitalists are portrayed,
or maybe he's skeptical that a "communist" play could focus on the middle
class. But that's part of Miller's brilliance, to make us care so deeply,
and at the same time be so repelled, by this petty bourgeois. It's for US,
not Miller, to take it the next step and see how this tragic little man
fits into the system and all its classes.
Being able to understand the disappointed, angry and cast-aside middle
class is extremely important today. I'd encourage folks to read -- or if
necessary re-read -- the play.

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