[Marxism] Death of a Salesman

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Mar 16 14:04:12 MDT 2012

On 3/16/2012 3:57 PM, Andrew Pollack wrote:

> Being able to understand the disappointed, angry and cast-aside middle
> class is extremely important today. I'd encourage folks to read -- or if
> necessary re-read -- the play.

The play is very much in the same vein as Studs Lonigan, James T. 
Farrell's masterpiece. While Miller was a CP'er, Farrell was a 
Trotskyist at least until he became a turncoat during the Cold War.

To the very end, Studs is clueless as to the social forces that 
have destroyed him. As a May Day parade passes by him as he lies 
dying of TB, he regards the chants of solidarity as a meaningless 

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