[Marxism] For gay marriage against the religious zealots

A Vasquez collationes37 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 17 21:13:09 MDT 2012

*People’s attitudes towards these questions now center on two questions: Do
modern relationships work, and is everyone happy? The metaphysical
implications of Tab A going into Slot B, the biological mechanisms that
occur in the sex act, and what Aristotle wrote (who oddly enough lived in a
society full of “sodomites” but never seems to have uttered a peep about
it), have very little bearing on the question for anyone other than the
most reactionary windbags. The average person knows all that can go wrong
in relationships, and that even the purest “Ozzie and Harriet” familial
icon can mask so many abusive and oppressive dynamics. So why is the
lesbian couple (it’s funny that Mr. Riley has to bring up “sodomy” when
half of gay people are incapable of committing that act), one of whom may
be a biological parent, morally inferior to a couple consisting of a
biological parent and a stepparent? Can stepparents in heterosexual
marriages never love the child as much as the original biological parent
that she is “replacing”? Are adoptive parents, taking in a child no one
wanted, somehow morally inferior to parents who have children out of duty
or by accident? What about the problem of derelict fathers who father the
child but leave before the child is born and are never a father to the
child? Do they have more rights over a child than a gay couple who raised
that child from birth?*

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