[Marxism] [Ecosocialist] Mass psychology explanations of global warming denial

ehrbar at greenhouse.economics.utah.edu ehrbar at greenhouse.economics.utah.edu
Sun Mar 18 11:53:50 MDT 2012

Kamran wrote on the ecosocialism list:

> People lived for 95% of our history as gatherer-hunters
> where there was no product as such.

Good point.  I guess my one-sentence characterization of
historical materialism must be corrected to read, as you
suggest, "individuals must live in class societies because
they need products".  (Of course we socialists want to
create an alternative, production without a class society.)

This gives me another idea: maybe the need to manage
emotions arises not together with society as such, as I said
in my earlier post, but with private property?  With private
property comes envy, jealousy, you better not fall in love
with a woman who is someone else's property, etc.  It is a
long time since I read Engels's Origin of the Family, and I
don't have the time to get into this, but perhaps this is
something which Engels overlooked when he wrote this
path-breaking work?  I think this would be an intriguing
idea: with private property arises the need to control
emotions, which requires self-deception and opens the door
to false consciousness.  This would be a different entry
into false consciousness than Marx's two pillars of false
consciousness, the fetish-like character of the commodity
and the wage form.


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