[Marxism] [Ecosocialist] Mass psychology explanations of global warming denial

Kamran Nayeri kamran.nayeri at gmail.com
Sun Mar 18 12:02:36 MDT 2012

Yes. It seems to me too to be a productive line of inquiry. It can be
linked to the contrast between a monist and dualist understanding of human
history.  Let me also note that some eastern philosophical schools too have
a monist view the universe and human beings as part of it. In fact, much
(not all) teaching of the Buddha can be understood from a materialist and
monist philosophical stand point, essentially similar to a Marxian one (at
least in my reading of it).  Kamran

On Sun, Mar 18, 2012 at 10:53 AM, <ehrbar at greenhouse.economics.utah.edu>wrote:

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> Kamran wrote on the ecosocialism list:
> > People lived for 95% of our history as gatherer-hunters
> > where there was no product as such.
> Good point. I guess my one-sentence characterization of
> historical materialism must be corrected to read, as you
> suggest, "individuals must live in class societies because
> they need products". (Of course we socialists want to
> create an alternative, production without a class society.)
> This gives me another idea: maybe the need to manage
> emotions arises not together with society as such, as I said
> in my earlier post, but with private property? With private
> property comes envy, jealousy, you better not fall in love
> with a woman who is someone else's property, etc. It is a
> long time since I read Engels's Origin of the Family, and I
> don't have the time to get into this, but perhaps this is
> something which Engels overlooked when he wrote this
> path-breaking work? I think this would be an intriguing
> idea: with private property arises the need to control
> emotions, which requires self-deception and opens the door
> to false consciousness. This would be a different entry
> into false consciousness than Marx's two pillars of false
> consciousness, the fetish-like character of the commodity
> and the wage form.
> Hans.
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