[Marxism] Left Forum 2012

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Mon Mar 19 14:03:55 MDT 2012

On 19/03/2012 19:54, Louis Proyect wrote:
> I guess I must have misinterpreted Radhika Desai's talk on Sunday. 
> When she went on at length about the petty-bourgeois neo-Proudhonists 
> in the Occupy movement, she was actually supporting it. Silly me.

I believe you've been quite critical of certain elements in the Occupy 
movement, notably the Black Bloc.  Not to labour a point or start a new 
debate, but some people would say that your critique was greatly 
disproportionate to the problem, if more restrained than the shrill 
Hedges piece which prompted it.  But it is just to say that one can have 
a legitimate or at least arguable beef with elements of Occupy, or with 
certain tendencies in it, or with certain 'lines' that come to dominate, 
or with some ideological lacunae (etc etc) without being a sworn enemy 
of the Occupy movement.  Which is to say in other words that your point 
is rather cheap and you should consider it beneath you.

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