[Marxism] gating

Kathleen McCook klmccook at gmail.com
Mon Mar 19 20:39:46 MDT 2012

Sanford is 1/3 African-American and is one of the oldest African-American
communities in Florida....not far from where Zora Neale Hurston grew up.
The "gated community" where this took place is probably a median income of
$50K. It is not expensive. Gating seems to be more and more common even in
town houses communities when crime reports are higher in surrounding
areas...so gating is not always an indicator of wealth. Tiger Woods'
enclave...not that far away..is full of athletes, but Zimmerman's was not
at that level.
I work at a college and all the student apartments surrounding are gated
for security of women at night..so the term may be misconstrued to mean
more than it is.
  If a community in FL is truly expensive it would have paid security, not

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> I am not sure what you might mean by "upper crust" Hispanics.
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> I meant only that since Zimmerman lives in a gated community, his wealth is
> presumably somewhere above the median, for Hispanics or people in general.
> But come to think of it, as little as I know of Florida, I could be wrong
> even about that. It would definitely make him "upper-crust" anywhere I've
> lived in the States, though.

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