[Marxism] The US Islamophobic double standard concerning massacres

Dennis Brasky dmozart1756 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 20 04:40:11 MDT 2012

Glenn Greenwald -

Here’s a summary of the Western media discussion of what motivated U.S.
Staff Sgt. Robert Bales to allegedly kill 16 Afghans, including 9 children:
he was drunk<http://news.yahoo.com/alleged-shooter-afghanistan-massacre-identified-230928571.html>,
he was experiencing financial
he was passed over for a
he had a traumatic brain
he had marital problems<http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/soldier-accused-killing-16-afghan-civilians-buddy-leg-blown-day-massacre-lawyer-article-1.1040278>,
he suffered from the stresses of four tours of
he “saw his buddy’s leg blown off the day before the

Here’s a summary of the Western media discussion of what motivates Muslims
to kill Americans: they are primitive, fanatically religious, hateful

Even when Muslims who engage in such acts toward Americans
repeatedly <http://ggdrafts.blogspot.com.br/2012/03/najibullah-zazi.html>
they did it in response to American acts of domination, aggression,
violence and civilian-killing in their countries, and even when the
violence is confined to soldiers who are part of a foreign army that has
invaded and occupied their country, the only cognizable motive is one of
primitive, hateful evil. It is an act of Evil Terrorism, and that is all
there is to say about it.

Note, too, that in the case of Sgt. Bales (or any other cases of American
violence against Muslims), people have little difficulty understanding the
distinction between (a) discussing and trying to understand the underlying
motives of the act (causation) and (b) defending the act (justification).
But that same distinction completely evaporates when it comes to Muslim
violence against Americans. Those who attempt to understand or explain the
act — *they’re responding to American violence in their country; they are
traumatized and angry at the continuous deaths of Muslim children and
innocent adults; they’ve calculated that striking at Americans is the ony
way to deter further American aggression in their part of the world* — are
immediately accused of mitigating, justifying or even defending Terrorism.

There is, quite obviously, a desperate need to believe that when an
American engages in acts of violence of this type (meaning: as a deviation
from formal American policy), there must be some underlying mental or
emotional cause that makes it sensible, something other than an act of pure
hatred or Evil. When a Muslim engages in acts of violence against
Americans, there is an equally desperate need to believe the opposite: that
this is yet another manifestation of inscrutable hatred and Evil, and any
discussion of any other causes must be prohibited and ignored.


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