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“[I]n such a fight it is of no interest to know whether the adversary is of
the same rank, is noble or interesting – all that matters is to strike

<#_ftnref>Karl Marx, "Contribution to the Critique of Hegel's Philosophy of
Right: Introduction"

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> On 3/20/2012 10:36 AM, aaron s. amaral wrote:
>> The narrative that OWS intervened from out of the blue to shake the
>> conservative Unions and the left from their bureaucratic/democratic
>> centralist torpor is much loved by a group of anarchists at OWS, but truly
>> ahistorical.
> I will let others judge whether Bloombergville was "crucial" for OWS.
> My more general point is that these Occupations, whatever their origin,
> incorporate elements of the anarchist and autonomist movement. That is why
> Maria Sitrin was invited to speak at Friday night's plenary, not Lee
> Sustar. And that is why a panel was organized at the Left Forum in which
> Lenin's "State and Revolution" was waved at the neo-Proudonist,
> petty-bourgeois occupiers like a crucifix at a vampire.
> But don't let me stand in the way of you comrades considering yourselves a
> legend in your own mind. I know exactly how that works, having been in the
> SWP for over a decade.
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