[Marxism] Left Forum 2012

aaron s. amaral amaral1871 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 20 09:51:40 MDT 2012

Louis, the idea that the only place to "have a say" is in your electronic
sandbox is another piece of nonsense. The ISO (and other Marxists within
and outside organised formations) are actively and deeply engaged in
debates inside the movement, and are regularly publishing materials,
participating in panels etc. on the movement.

What I think is really being manifest is the somewhat self-aggrandized
frustration that that the ISO hasnt responded with a specific strategic
answer to Pham Bihn's call for the organised left to liquidate and join him
in his networking efforts.

My assessment, as an ISO member outside of the elected leadership, is that
a response would be more likely if it didnt necessitate engagement with a
series of patently ridicoulous historical assertions about the movement and
our activity within it; assertions which just serve to reinforce the idea
that the authors are distant from what is really going on in
the movement, but instead are singularly committed to proving a point about
"Zinoveism" (some aspects of which are not contested BTW) or engaging in ad
hominem attacks of the ISO, rather than engaging in a collective effort to
build a Marxist pole within the movement.

Ok. I'm done for today.


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