[Marxism] Left Forum 2012

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Tue Mar 20 10:29:25 MDT 2012

I just wanted to inject about Occupy that the actual physicial occupation
of a site 24/7 is a tactic that has been elevated to the level of a
principle.   The movement started in Cincinnati with roughly a thousand in
the streets and disorganized itself to where they couldn't get a quorom of
twenty to attend their 3-5 weekly meetings.

Then, once they got enough or a forum, they voted to reoccupy with what
they have now the park they couldn't hold with a thousand.

There are organized socialist groups here--good ones--and I expected not to
be alone when I've periodically pointed out the need to mobilize the broad
support we actually do have out in the community.  And yet I have been.
Perhaps the groups are too preoccupied with competing with each other to
cooperate in fostering what should be common strategically more successful
approach.  Perhaps they are resentful that an independent keeps trying to
say what they should be saying loudly and cooperatively.

But all this stuff about who got there first and who deserves the most
credit means nothing for building the movement.

So long as the socialists allow the anarchists to outorganize them, these
are dead issues.

And the longer it will be before the movement can pick itself up, dust off
the setbacks, and move forward.


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