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On 3/20/2012 4:12 PM, Eli Stephens wrote:
> Surely if they were trying to "prevent our working class sisters and brothers in
> the Arab world from winning" they would be propping up Gaddafi and Assad,
> not destroying or trying to destroy them.

Well, that's what they did with Gaddafi--at least the Italian 
ruling class. Maybe in PSL terms, Berlusconi was an anti-imperialist?


Italian newspapers reveal how Berlusconi's government has been 
arming Gaddafi

By Ted Newcomen
February 26, 2011

Unlike their craven brethren in the "lamestream' US and UK media, 
the Italian newspapers have been blowing the whistle on the 
Berlusconi government's arms sales to the psychotic Libyan 
dictator Moammar Gaddafi who is now using those very same weapons 
to murder his own people.

Journalist Fiorenza Sarzanini writing in today's (26th February 
2011) edition of the national Corriere Della Sera revealed how 
high tech weapons systems, military vehicles, and helicopters have 
been supplied by Italian companies in recent years. The list of 
exports between 2008 and 2010 includes spare parts for warships & 
weapons, materials for bombs, rockets, and missiles.

The information comes from a government report prepared by 
security officials in the Italian Ministry of Internal Affairs 
which took stock of the current crisis that is attempting to 
overthrow the Gaddafi regime. One chapter is even devoted to the 
impact that the wider revolt my have on the Italian economy.

Libya ranks in fifth place of the supplier nations to Italy with 
about 4.5% of imports and a total estimated exchange between the 
two countries of about 12 billion Euros last year. Libya is 
Italy's number one supplier of crude oil and third largest 
supplier of natural gas.

The list of over 100 Italian companies doing big business with 
Libya includes Telecom, Alitalia, Edison and Grimaldi, Visa, and 

Other interesting points revealed in the report include news in 
May 2009 the company Mbda Italy signed an agreement for 2.5 
million Euros for the supply of equipment for torpedoes, bombs, 
rockets, and missiles. In October last year, Agusta scored two 
contracts for high-tech equipment worth over 70 million Euros and 
in November Ota Melara launched negotiations for a weapons systems 
of more than 12.7 mm caliber as well as materials, parts, 
technical know-how and other equipment. Alenia Aermacchi obtained 
a contract for a program of training & updating of the propulsion 
& weapons systems of Sf-260 aircraft.

In January Intermarine launched negotiations for a 500 million 
Euro contract to supply equipment & software for Libyan warships 
and a month later another worth 100 million Euros - at the same 
time Oto Melara took a similar amount for other war materials

Only last month Alenia Aermacchi signed a deal for spare parts for 
aircraft as other arms companies were negotiating further 
contracts worth another 150 million Euros.

American & British "lamestream' media has been very reluctant to 
reveal their own government's duplicity in funneling arms to a 
madman who is now using them against this own people. Perhaps 
Italian journalists just have a conscience, unlike their American 
& British colleagues?

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