[Marxism] More Frederico Fuentes

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Mar 20 19:24:12 MDT 2012


Hi Lou,

i think you might be interested in this article which takes up the same 
issue you have in your post. It is in spanish so i am only posting the 

While the conclusion may be too provocative for some r-r-r-revolutionary 
marxists who believe that the role of the left is to denounce and oppose 
reforms, i think if you go beyond the form and look at the content, the 
position is not to dissimilar to the one pointed to by Nathan Rao, a 
Toronto-based socialist writer here 

“…..While there is certainly a “crisis of politics”, the central role of 
government remains. As the old saying goes, politics abhors a vacuum. If 
the radical Left is unable to provide at least the beginnings of a 
credible outline of what our solution to the central problem of what a 
genuinely anti-capitalist government (or “workers government” to use the 
term in this exchange) might look like – and of the organizational 
project and strategy for getting there – you can be sure that 
politicized working people, students and so forth will continue to 
support (however grudgingly) the existing organizations of the 
neoliberalized “Left” or “centre-Left” as a “lesser evil” against an 
increasingly aggressive capitalist class and Right…..”

There in lies the problem with much of the ultra-critics of Chavez and 
Morales. The problem is not the criticism, but the lack of any 
alternative beyond vague calls for socialism (in one country?). But this 
is as true for Venezuela and Bolivia as it is for the left in 
imperialist countries.


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