[Marxism] The Politics of the Impossible

Douglas Greene greene.douglas at ymail.com
Tue Mar 20 21:08:30 MDT 2012

The Politics of the Impossible
by Doug Enaa Greene 

The U.S. electoral system is all about what the system deems 
possible. During each election season we are given the choice between a 
few politicians who promise change; we vote and then things remain the 

Elections in this society provide a democratic façade for a system 
that remains fundamentally undemocratic because it is fundamentally 
bound by a false notion of what is possible and what is not. A candidate can support abortion rights or marriage equality or propose to close 
tax loopholes. Our current political system deems these changes possible – and indeed, they would be steps forward in the struggle for justice. 
Yet elections cannot usher in a new social order that places the needs 
of all before the profits of a few.

This change is considered impossible.

Now is the time for us to practice the politics of the impossible. 
Gay rights, access to abortion and the eight-hour work-day were all once considered impossible. These reforms were won only because brave 
activists dared to practice the politics of the impossible.


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