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Wed Mar 21 07:45:37 MDT 2012

As an active member of Occupy Wall Street Labor Outreach Committee, let me provide some insight into the work of various left groups inside this vital group, which is the most important interface between OWS and the working class, especially the organized working class.

At various times, members of the ISO, SA, Solidarity, Workers World and the LRRP have functioned here: long enough for me to get an idea of what they're about. 

First of all the ISO and SA. Without mentioning names, I will say that these comrades have vindicated the Marxist project. In a new and highly volatile situation, they have been effective in working to build a relationship between Occupy Wall Street and the working class. They have maintained a nondogmatic and principled stance, identifying themselves as members of their respective groups and attaining leadership roles in exactly the way they should: by being effective leaders.

At one point, Solidarity had a presence in the OWS LOC. As far as I know (correct me if I'm wrong), this is no longer so. The LRRP had a strong presence until about two months ago when, unaccountably, they disappeared. One member of the Workers World is present. He has worked well but has not taken a leadership role as have the ISO and SA comrades.

There are also present numerous other old timers, with great experience. With the exception of one elderly ex-CPer, who is the elder statesmen of the LOC, these people's functioning has been invaluable. Some have been crucial in their work. Others have been less consistent but important.

It is to be noted that, as far as I know, no member of any Maoist or overtly Stalinist group has any role in the LOC.

David Berger

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