[Marxism] Barry Sheppard's Volume 2 on SWP is out

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In 1972, when I was a member of one of three branches in New York City, our
branch (Upper West Side) ran Joanna Misnik for the House of Representatives
against Bella Abzug after the incumbent Democrat died. The incumbent's widow
got the Liberal Party nomination. In that election, Misnik came in third
behind the Liberals. The Republicans came in fourth. In 1974, when a school
desegregation plan in Boston was under attack from racist forces, the
president of the Boston NAACP approached the SWP directly for help to defeat
the racists. The SWP rose to the challenge. That was the kind of party we
were at that time, respected leaders in the struggle. Not everyone liked us,
but everyone respected us. There were many things that made me uneasy even
then, which I won't get into now. But suffice it to say that today, at a
time when the opportunities for socialists are brighter than they have been
for decades, the SWP is not even participating, let alone leading in the
struggles that are going on. Is the SWP dead? I won't debate that. I will
say, without hesitation, that the SWP is irrelevant. ~Tom

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News of the party's demise, in my opinion, have been greatly exaggerated.

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