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Just a quick comment, because I don't want the Comrade Moderator to feel he has to follow me around like an elephant with a dust-pan at a traveling circus.  My take is that the SWP sees the Cuban revolution as central and vital because it is the only surviving, living and breathing socialist revolution left in the world today and the lessons of how ordinary workers, farmers and youth transformed themselves to advance their interests, including the fifty percent of the population who are female, through the structures of worker's power and the dictatorship of the proletariat, is germane to the challenges the working-class faces in the United States and around the world at this very hour.

That was one part of the discussion at this meeting.  The other part, the main part, was how the party is relating to and working with workers around the country -- the sugar workers, the Longview workers, the steelworkers in Ohio, among others -- as they clash with the attempts of the capitalist class to ruin them, and to how to best to continue the discussion with these fighters after any given defensive action has concluded.

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> Hmm, a talk about building a workers party... so obviously Cuba is what
> should be talked about the most...
> Does any talk at an SWP event devolve into a talk on Cuba? And how do they
> use Cuba to talk about building a party, instead of creating a guerrilla
> based revolution with working class support?
> And I'm actually not trying to flame, haha. I'm genuinely interested in the
> SWP and the take on Cuba in this regard.
> Tristan
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