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jay rothermel jayrothermel at gmail.com
Wed Mar 21 13:58:07 MDT 2012

> If the SWP had any real role to play on the American left, I would have
> not set up the mailing list on Yahoo (
> http://groups.yahoo.com/group/swp_usa/) to discuss it, more or less in
> the same spirit as the food fight scene in "Animal House". On the Marxism
> list we discuss groups that are *significant*, like the PSL or the ISO.
The Yahoo SWP ghetto Louis set up is a moral swamp of hearsay which I
happily no longer visit.  I am sure the discussion of Barry's book will
devolve there into typically loathsome displays of gossip and
scandal-mongering very quickly.

I would take seriously the claim that the SWP ignores ows [which a search
on the Militant website easily disproves] were it not coming from
one-eyed-men who consistently ignore the significance of the American
Crystal Sugar lockout, and the fact that SWP has recently opened a new
branch organizing committee in the area most concerned in that lockout.
This decision was made after an unprecedented number of contacts and
Militant subscriptions registered the party's appeal among workers in the

The ACS and other lockouts, and the resistance to them, has far greater
political weight than any city's OWS.

The idea that there is something called the "American left" [to use the
moderator's phrase from the quote above] or that it is a worthwhile place
for communists to spend their time and energy, itself speaks volumes.

Those who talk about SWP cults of personality and undemocratic measures
need to face up to something.  No communist or revolutionary party in any
country avoided the demographic slump that started in the eighties.  And
the personalities and careers of those who left or got the boot, and have
become permanent traducers of their old parties, have many things in
common, too.

Jay Rothermel

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