[Marxism] The SWP

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Wed Mar 21 14:10:06 MDT 2012

What Jay ignores is the same objective circumstances he blames for the
decline of the SWP also saw the rapid ascendancy of the ISO and other
organizations.  If Jay's not aware of this, he has no business making any
pronouncement about conditions on the American Left.  And if he is aware of
it and is ignoring it to make this pathetic excuse, this instance of his
willful dishonesty should be noted.

The history of the party or the movement or history in general has to me
more than a series of pathetic excuses . . . plausable only to those who
prefer their comforting embrace of willful ignorance to facing the
realities of what happened and why.  I mean the methodology here is no
difference than some white Southern cracker talking about the Lost Cause.


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