[Marxism] The SWP

jay rothermel jayrothermel at gmail.com
Wed Mar 21 23:38:17 MDT 2012

Mark Lause wrote:

> I mean the methodology here is no difference than some white Southern
> cracker talking about the Lost Cause.

This is why Mark is a academic and a historian while I am a college
drop-out customer service drone.  I did not realize university
professionals felt so confident in public displays of race-baiting.
Curiously, given all the lost causes in proletarian history he could have
chosen from, Lause would instead decide to compare my sensibility to that
of a supporter of the slavocracy.

Louis Proyect wrote:

> When leaders of self-described proletarian parties use the resources of
> the party for their personal benefit, this is a breach with socialist
> morality whether or not this matters to you. It certainly matters to the
> rest of us, including Barry Sheppard who documents it in v. 2 of his
> memoir.

Sheppard offers nothing but his own undocumentable testimony if he makes
such an accusation in the book.  Were there something more, he would not
have made his public wait 30 years for it.  If he or anyone else had proof
of financial wrong-doing, they would not be spreading it as rumor on a
Yahoo SWP website run by someone who has made his name not for being an
unrepentant Marxist, but a TMZ-style purveyor of anti-SWP scandal and
gossip.  Said gossip, I am confident, will soon reach pornographic levels.
Those who've spent 40 years nursing their sour grapes about Comrade Barnes
for ignoring their genius and not inviting them for cocktails or otherwise
snubbing them socially are tonight licking their chops over Barry's book.

This from somebody who crossposts articles from an obscure Hoxha-ite
> sect...

A put-down unworthy of an admirer of Bert Cochran, but not unexpected.
Hoxha was well known for many things, including not having feet of clay.
The trait is sorely missing in our time.

The years I spent in the SWP were, aside from marriage, child, and
grandchild, the most valuable and exciting in my life.  I do not agree with
the SWP on everything [Libya, Syria, Iran]. But I also do not write-off the
effects on the SWP of decades of class retreat as the work of a
conspiratorial and power-mad criminal cabal.

Our moderator today praises PSL and ISO, buy only denigrate the SWP by
comparison.  I would advise PSL and ISO members and supporters to not take
this praise as good coin; the moment the moderator feels one of these
organizations or their members is giving him the Barnes treatment, the tune
will change.

Future historians will have to ask themselves why this list and the Yahoo
SWP pigsty only register an uptick in activity when gossip, innuendo, and
hearsay about the Socialist Workers Party and Jack Barnes is the order of
the day.  Those of us who have not made a career out of attacking the SWP
do not have to wonder.


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