[Marxism] Barry Sheppard's Volume 2 on SWP is out

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Actually, Tom, I think the record will show that the SWP argued inside the coalition against calling off the march but deferred to the NAACP, which was under enormous pressure from the Democratic Party, who promised to clamp down on the racist street gangs, to do so.  However, when it became clear that this was going to happen, the party did not oppose the NAACP in a public manner, given the relationship of forces.  Perhaps Comrade Bias remembers more of the details concerning this one episode of the Battle of Boston.

All in all, I would say that the NAACP, along with the SWP and many others comported themselves admirably and managed to bring the racist onslaught to at least a draw, which re-affirmed the democratic right of African-American school children to a desegregated education and put a halt to the worst aspects of the terror and violence.  The real heroes, of course, where the Black school children and their parents, who courageously stood their ground.

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> Not to pick a fight on an old issue, but there were people on the
> Left, not just PL and Workers World, but also a number of ex-SWPers,
> who felt that they and the NAACP took too timid of a line in Boston in
> the 1976 which culminated in their "calling off" a planned counter
> mobilization against the racists during the summer of 1976, a
> capitulation Sam Marcy described as "A Surrender to Racism" in an
> article of the same name.  I remember an SWPer screaming at me a
> couple years later when I broached the issue, that they had to do this
> because there might have been violence.  What if King had called off
> the Selma march in 1965?  He knew full well there was going to be
> violence.  Then again, he was an historic leader, the SWP sadly, even
> in its best period, only having distantly approached that status. And
> this coming from a group that claims to represent the legacy of
> Malcolm X?  How pathetic.
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> >
> >  when a school
> > desegregation plan in Boston was under attack from racist forces, the
> > president of the Boston NAACP approached the SWP directly for help to defeat
> > the racists. The SWP rose to the challenge. That was the kind of party we
> > were at that time, respected leaders in the struggle. Not everyone liked us,
> > but everyone respected us.
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