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michael a. lebowitz mlebowit at sfu.ca
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Manuel quoted Holloway:

"It's better to take the simpler explanation and say that, if the 
relation of domination is in crisis, it is because the dominated are not 
docile enough; they are not prostrating themselves sufficiently. The 
inadequacy of our subordination is the cause of the crisis."

And then Manuel commented:

'THIS is the point of departure! I could not but concur. Our assumptions 
cannot be that we are in a position of disadvantage--we have always been 
so--but that there are many, many more now that are challenging that 
disadvantage, that assumption of domination. We are in a Better position 
and we have to act and help others believe accordingly.

     Holloway's words are often beautiful but it's good to know what he 
means by refusing to be subordinated. Who is the we who are the crisis 
of capital? Thanks to Richard Menec's transcription we can see it includes:

  'But also, it may just
be  theresistance of parents who want  toplay with  their children, lovers
who want  tospend an extra hour in bed, students who think that  they can
taketime  tocriticize, humans who still dream of being human.

We are  thecrisis of capital.  We who do not bow low enough.  We who do not
run fast enough.'

     This is vintage Holloway. As I pointed out in my HM comment on his 
'how to change nothing without taking power', it includes:
the 'wise peasant' who, when the great lord passes, 'bows deeply and 
silently farts' .


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