[Marxism] John Pilger: How money power works Down Under -- the example of Qantas

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Thu Mar 22 19:15:37 MDT 2012

...Most important, it is the only major international airline in the jet
age never to have lost an aircraft in a fatal accident. Perhaps wary of
holding such a distinction to fortune, Qantas advertising never mentions it.

In recent years, however, the safest airline has had close calls, including
an Airbus A330 that went into a sudden dive in 2008 and injured up to 74
people, a Boeing 747 engine that blew up after leaving San Francisco in
2010 and a new A380 whose engine shattered over Singapore later that year.

These, and a series of less serious incidents, have all happened since the
airline was taken out of public ownership and handed to global banks. The
largest shareholders include J P Morgan, HSBC and Citicorp, which are also
among the top shareholders of Australia's major banks and largest mining

The national airline, like the Australian economy, is mortgaged: the
product of a bi-partisan political system dominated by rapacious business.

It was an article of faith that the world's only island-continent, flanked
by the two greatest oceans, needed a long-haul airline — until the
asset-strippers took control. What followed is a cautionary, universal tale

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