[Marxism] General strike in Portugal

Ricardo Salabert ricardo.salabert at gmail.com
Fri Mar 23 05:06:17 MDT 2012


Yesterday, Portugal witnessed its 2nd general strike since the external aid
and for the 1st time the Government didn't comment on the numbers of
workers  on strike.

But the numbers seem to be the least important, since the authority's
strategy is to undermine the worker's struggle making every protest seem a
battleground. We've seen it before, but yesterday the provocateurs were
present in 2 different places (in Lisbon, the capital and in Porto, where
the Prime-Minister was attending a ceremony).

In Porto, the prime-minister attended the 100 years of the Porto
University, so the unions scheduled a demonstration in front of the
University. There, the provocateurs waited for the PM's arrival to start
enticing the protesters, which led to the first conflicts. Then, some
protesters walked to the chief of police in order to ask why didn't the
police arrest those who enticing with violence, which lead that one of the
provocateurs restarted his "magic". Result: the police started to *try* to
arrest the people around them, even if one of them was just heading for his
car. When trying to resist, he was beaten and shoved to a storefront by the
police, that ended up not arresting him, but left him to bleed (he is ok,
The news agencies reported the protesters where throwing carrots (the PMs
name is Coelho which translates to Rabbit) and eggs, but I didn't see it
there and the only image I saw in the news was a broken egg on the sidewalk.

In Lisbon, the police attacked the demonstration in response to (as
reported by the media) some eggs being thrown against banks and people
taking money from ATM's (again, no images of those events). According to a
newspaper, "objects and stones from the street were thrown at the police by
supposed members of the 15octobre  platform." The same source reports one
photojournalist was injured and only after that the eggs were thrown
forcing the police to intervene again. This newspaper refers the presence
of undercover agents amid the protesters, according to witnesses.

(news article PT and video)
*[the two individuals in this 2nd video are Bruno Maia, MD, activist for
the maintenance of the national health care service, pro-choice and
STP2012<http://www.stp2012.info/old/en>activist and Rui Maia,
political activist and member of Precários
Inflexíveis (Inflexible

*A (very important) note*: *it is estimated that around 3 million workers
were on strike yesterday (in a population of 10,7 million)*.

Ricardo Salabert
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