[Marxism] Discussions with the United Communist Party of Nepal

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Sat Mar 24 17:36:49 MDT 2012


In Nepal we see the successful implementation of a people's war 

strategy, followed by and combined with the development of an 

insurrectionary urban mass movement, which resulted in the overthrow of 

a feudal monarchy, the declaration of a federal democratic republic, the 

establishment of a constituent assembly and a successful intervention in 

elections in 2008 by the United Communist Party of Nepal -- Maoist 


Today the UCPN-M has entered a new phase of the struggle, significantly 

different from the previous phase of the "people's war". Both phases of 

the struggle, the "people's war" phase to overthrow the monarchy and the 

current period of a revolutionary government, hold important lessons for 

us in the Philippines.


 The author of this article, Reihana Mohideen, must actually be a comic writer. The so-called "new phase of the struggle" in Nepal has meant that the Nepalese Maoists have assumed responsibility for a wholly capitalist government and the administration of capitalism in Nepal, which includes such Marxist actions as liquidating the Peoples Army into the Royal Nepalese Army, restrictions on the right to strike, and all that kind of good stuff.

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