[Marxism] Harvey Pekar

Tom Cod tomcod3 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 24 19:00:49 MDT 2012

Say, I just saw American Splendor via Netflix and it was great,
although I thought Paul Giamatti was miscast.  I was into R. Crumb and
all that stuff, in fact it was so to speak de riguer for someone of my
age with an affinity for the counter culture.  I had seen that title
series , but never paid it much mind.  Thus I was both surprised and
yes, impressed, that our moderator apparently had a connection with
Pekar which he has alluded to briefly here and there.  Not only that
he actually wrote a book with him.  I mean, that's the kind of stuff
trot nerds would have the least interest in, and would in fact
castigate as "counter culturalist", "bohemian" and so forth even if
the guy was a working man.   I've got an old buddy from junior high
school, I reconnected with on Facebook,  that knew Bukowksi, but then
again he had no history with the sectarian left either.  That nerd in
the movie actually reminded me of myself as a "teenage trotskyite" in
high school circa 1970.

In any event, I think many of us would be greatly interested in
reading something about your history with Pekar, which could stand on
its own legs even if the book you wrote with him is presently mired in
legal limbo.  Where did you meet him?  Did you visit him at his apt in
Cleveland.  Cool, dude.

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