[Marxism] Will Noam Chomsky Vote For President Obama? -- You betcha!

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That would actually be 98% who are not RULING class. It's actually probably
higher than that. But part of the "99%," as the Occupy folks call us, are
farmers, mom-and-pop storekeepers and small businesspeople, professionals
(doctors, lawyers), and academics. My guess is that the actual working class
in the U.S. is somewhere between 85% and 90%. The sad part is that only 7%
of the private-sector workers belong to trade unions. ~Tom

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Peter Camejo's old description works best.  Quit working and go to bed.  If
the returns from your investments support you in the style to which you're
accustomed, you're a capitalist.

Excluding people on social security and seniors, that would make 98% working
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