[Marxism] Will Noam Chomsky Vote For President Obama? -- You betcha!

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Sun Mar 25 11:49:55 MDT 2012

on "The Ruling Class". While from a scientific point of view, I agree with
Tom. It's probably <.01% of the population. From "America's 60 Families" to
probably a few thousand folks at best, who control finance capital. But one
really has to include the *millions* of underlings at every step of the
corporate ladder and "small business" (firms making less than $5 million a
year or employ less than 1,000 people), those who  *unflinchingly* are
loyal this "1%" and are effectively part of that "1%". BTW...1% is 3
million and I think this number is really in the higher single digits.
These underlings are not only loyal, but often strive to be part of the
ruling class, at least from the point of view as being as rich as they are
if not the 'ruling' aspect of the class in power.


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