[Marxism] Mennonites usurp indigenous peoples in Paraguay

Charley Earp charley63 at mailworks.org
Sun Mar 25 16:22:25 MDT 2012

 > ... rips the "peace churches" a new one... www.jesusradicals.com ....

Just so you know, "Jesus Radicals" was founded by Anarchist-leaning 
Mennonites, and I actually presented at one of their first conferences 
on Anarchism and the Bible.

A similar blog, "Young Anabaptist Radicals" 
http://young.anabaptistradicals.org/ has also been very critical of 
establishment Mennos, but is more left-liberal than Anarchist.

The "Historic Peace Churches" are a mixed bag, for sure, but I continue 
my affiliation with Quakers, despite my fairly advanced apostasy (god 
who?) and their bourgeois privilege, because I've found it hard as hell 
to make a genuine friends in any left organization and I've tried 
Solidarity, Platypus, FRSO, DSA. SPUSA, etc.

Maybe I'm just socially awkward and need a patina of religion to feel 
loyalty to a group. I'm not even a college graduate, which is really 
unusual among Quakers, who aren't known for proletarian membership.

Peace, Love,&  Revolution! Charley
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