[Marxism] The Militant newspaper goes nuke

jay rothermel jayrothermel at gmail.com
Mon Mar 26 13:58:48 MDT 2012

I am delighted to see that after the last SWP discussion here was halted by
the moderator a few days ago, we now have
the opportunity for another, this time prompted by the article posted by
the moderator himself.

Fascinating that a sect so moribund [headed by an embezzling criminal, if
we believe some posting here
and at the Yahoo SWP site] demands so much attention and so much of the
valuable time and energy of
marxmailers who have moved beyond the dead-end of Marxism-Leninism.
Indded, who feel that the Leninist strategy of party building
is such a failure that it is no longer necessary to refute it.

For those who discover they have time to polemicize against the
"post-sanity" SWP as a stalking horse for Marxism-Leninism in general, the
nuclear power line has developed in countless articles over at least the
last decade, mostly around Iran and the DPRK, but also around environmental
questions in general.  If I am not mistaken, some articles have even been
in response to reader letters.

Strange that a mysterious and cultish regime like that of Jack Barnes would
not have done the most obvious thing related to the question of line change
on nuclear power: remove this item from their online catalogue:

Careless of a man painted by the marxmail moderator and his cohort as a
master swindler of the SWP membership and supporters.

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