[Marxism] The Militant newspaper goes nuke

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Mar 26 14:11:28 MDT 2012

On 3/26/2012 3:58 PM, jay rothermel wrote:
> I am delighted to see that after the last SWP discussion here was halted by
> the moderator a few days ago, we now have
> the opportunity for another, this time prompted by the article posted by
> the moderator himself.

Let me repeat what I stated already. I created this list in 1998 
as a way of critiquing groups like the SWP, not to serve as a pole 
of attraction for their members or sympathizers. So mind your p's 
and q's.

> For those who discover they have time to polemicize against the
> "post-sanity" SWP as a stalking horse for Marxism-Leninism in general, the
> nuclear power line has developed in countless articles over at least the
> last decade, mostly around Iran and the DPRK, but also around environmental
> questions in general.  If I am not mistaken, some articles have even been
> in response to reader letters.

That's exactly the point I made. The SWP evolved from defending 
Iran or Cuba's right to develop nuclear energy into a proponent of 
its use everywhere. But it never explained to its readers what 
made its past line obsolete. That is what you would expect from a 
Marxist organization. For example, if the SWP decided that the 
Equal Rights Amendment was worth supporting--as it did in the 
1970s--it would be incumbent upon it to explain to its readers why 
its old position--opposition to it based on more or less the same 
arguments as the CPUSA--was no longer valid. That is what you 
expect from serious Marxist organizations, not a bunch of people 
wearing greasepaint, yellow fright wigs, and rubber noses.

> Strange that a mysterious and cultish regime like that of Jack Barnes would
> not have done the most obvious thing related to the question of line change
> on nuclear power: remove this item from their online catalogue:
> http://www.pathfinderpress.com/s.nl/it.A/id.240/.f?sc=8&category=112

I imagine that it generates some revenue, all the more necessary 
to pay for Jack's stays at 4-star hotels.

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