[Marxism] The Militant newspaper goes nuke

jay rothermel jayrothermel at gmail.com
Mon Mar 26 17:27:45 MDT 2012

A few quick thoughts before the moderator closes this thread:

Louis Proyect wrote:
>it never explained to its readers what made its past line obsolete

noted the revival of Cannon's/Novack's/Hansen's earlier perspective, which
the Halsted pamphlet and later articles, including those on Chernobyl, had


>proponent of its use everywhere

the article does not promote the use of *nuclear power* everywhere, but
rather "the communist movement champions the expansion and extension
of *electrification
and industrialization* worldwide, and along with it growth of the
proletariat and culture. This is essential for closing the gap between the
imperialists and semicolonial world and bringing the world’s toilers closer
together in common struggle."  [my emphasis]


>I created this list in 1998 as a way of critiquing groups like the SWP,
not to serve as a pole of attraction for their members or sympathizers

You're obsession with the SWP and its "post-insanity" line is not a pole of
attraction, but it is fascinating and gratifying


>to pay for Jack's stays at 4-star hotels

I pay for those; get your facts right.


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