[Marxism] Introduction - Comrade from North Carolina

Andrew Gorman andrewraygorman at gmail.com
Mon Mar 26 23:22:24 MDT 2012

Greetings comrades, to everyone internationally.

My name is Andrew Gorman. I am a radical stranded out in Greenville, 
North Carolina. Fortunately there are about 20-30 others that I know of 
who are some form of socialist, though we all have our different 
affiliations. No matter. We sometimes meet and discuss events, or readings.

I am also a member of the Socialist Party USA. Right now I am putting 
myself into development stage, to figure out the best way/s to bring 
socialism to my state, and ultimately the US. I look forward to 
discussions on this list. I hope they are better than the sectarianism 
that kills movements elsewhere online.

If you are in North Carolina, perhaps we should work together to develop 
a network of sorts. A "Tar Heel Socialist Network".

Yours for the Revolution,
Andrew Ray Gorman.

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