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By *Anthony Boynton*, Bogotá, Colombia

March 25, 2012 -- As long as there are sleepy, oppressed, oppressive and 
isolated villages connected to a city somewhere over the hill by an 
unpaved road with bridges that might wash out in the next storm, 
guerrilla warfare will be possible. But those villages are fast 
disappearing into memory as the extension of electric grids and networks 
of paved roads extend into every corner of what used to be called the 
Third World.

In Colombia such villages still exist in valleys in the mist-covered 
Andes, and far out in the tropical plains east of the Andes, and dotted 
here and there in the Amazon jungle, but they are clearly an endangered 
species. While the Catholic Church still dominates the plaza of every 
town, and landlords still have their hired guns, they have been joined 
by an evangelical church around the corner and a real estate agency just 
down the street. The town internet cafe most likely has more visitors 
than does the confessional in the church, and the priest in the 
confessional may be texting his boyfriend while the old lady on the 
other side of the screen recites her favourite sins.

An era of guerrilla warfare in Latin America is coming to an end. 
Exactly how the end game will be played out remains to be seen.

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