[Marxism] Question re: the "Stand Your Ground" defense that wasn't

Erik Toren ectoren at gmail.com
Tue Mar 27 07:43:51 MDT 2012

It has been cited by the police (directly and indirectly) as to why
Mr. Zimmerman was not arrested. Pre-2005 law, Florida, I believe, had
similar law of self defense as in Texas. If you read the article you
from CNN, was changes is:

>The 2005 law allows people to use deadly force anywhere they have a right to be if they have reasonable fear an assailant >could seriously harm them or someone else.

>It also eliminated a long-standing "duty to retreat" in the face of imminent harm, asserting that would-be crime victims have the >right to "stand their ground" and "meet force with force" when attacked.

Basically the 2005 law extended the castle doctrine from the home to
the public space.

This is not the first time the 2005 law was used in such manner in FL:

The issue is that self-defense (in the general legal sense) and this
law are intertwined. This is why Zimmerman claimed "self-defense"
knowing full well that this has been used before in other cases.

But then...i am not a lawyer...i just play one here.


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