[Marxism] The Life and Passion of Henry A. Wallace

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This pro-Wallace article needs to be placed in context 
for comrades who are not familiar with U. S. left history - 
it was soon after Wallace's 1948 election defeat as a third
party candidate under the CPUSA controlled Progressive Party,
that Wallace openly broke with the CP and the entire U. S. left.

Wallace supported the U. S. Korean War and president Truman's 
policies.  Wallace was no longer involved in any progressive cause
following his decision to support the Korean War.  Wallace was
only one of man,y who deserted the left with the development
of the Cold War and McCarthyism.

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> Subject: [Marxism] The Life and Passion of Henry A. Wallace
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> Counterpunch March 27, 2012
> An Agrarian Progressive
> The Life and Passion of Henry A. Wallace
> In November 1940 an American drove from Washington DC to Mexico 
> City. His road trip would turn out to be of great historical 
> importance
> The driver of that car in the Mexico countryside was Henry 
> Wallace, former US secretary of agriculture and at that moment, 
> the country’s vice president elect. The life of Henry A. Wallace, 
> one of the most important forefathers of modern industrial 
> agriculture, is an outstanding example of the idealism, 
> contradiction
> full: 
> http://www.counterpunch.org/2012/03/27/the-life-and-passion-of-henry-a-wallace/
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