[Marxism] Obama admin. gives up pretense of democracy

Carl G. Estabrook galliher at illinois.edu
Tue Mar 27 20:51:39 MDT 2012

Panetta: ‘War can’t be guided by polls’

US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta says there is no question that the  
US public has had enough of the Afghan war, but also notes that the  
war's strategy shouldn’t be determined by polls.

“We cannot fight wars by polls,” he told reporters after meeting his  
Canadian and Mexican counterparts in Ottawa. “If we do that, we're in  
deep trouble. We have to operate based on what we believe is the best  
strategy to achieve the mission that we are embarked on.”

Panetta stated that the mission in Afghanistan was to safeguard the  
American people and to make sure the country never again becomes a  
“safe haven” for the Taliban and al-Qaeda. He also said that the  
commitment to the effort must be to ensure that lives lost in the  
conflict were not lost in vain.

Panetta’s statements were backed by Canadian Defense Minister Peter
Mackay, whose country has 1,000 troops in Afghanistan.

“Polls are for dogs,” Mackay said, quoting former Prime Minister John  
Diefenbaker “This is our generation's war, this is a test of  


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