[Marxism] 21st-century Capitalism on stage at the Public Theater

guava tree theguavatree at gmail.com
Thu Mar 29 13:56:32 MDT 2012

This goes into my thoughts on the Mike Daisy / Apple / Foxconn / This
American Life / debacle, but also a new cabaret playing at Joe's Pub:

Mike Daisey’s “The Agony and Ecstasy of Steve Jobs” and Ethan Lipton’s
“No Place to Go”, both recently staged by The Public Theater in New
York City are two theatrical examinations of different aspects of the
current economic crisis. Whereas Daisey’s dramatized monologue cashes
in on the supposed paradox that the elegantly rational and
revolutionary technological commodities Apple produces are conceived
by the psychopathic and megalomaniac Steve Jobs and fabricated in
utterly inhumane conditions in the Foxconn factory in China, Ethan
Lipton’s song-cycle wryly narrates the experience of a playwright and
song-writer working an office job (“permanent part-time”) whose
employer has decided to relocate the company to Mars in order to
preserve profit margins. Both shows admirably confront the importance
work and money have in our lives (perhaps a neglected topic in the
recent theatrical imagination) but with entirely different
dramaturgical techniques which can help inform us of what politically
engaged art can achieve.




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