[Marxism] Response to Joe Catron misinformation

Charles Lenchner clenchner01 at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 29 19:28:27 MDT 2012

Joe Catron described me on this list as a Zionist and offered his analysis
of my opinions. As a point of information, I offer that:


I am not a Zionist, though I did grow up in Israel. For many years I was a
member of the Israeli CP, until I left. The CP is officially opposed to
Zionism, as outlined here: http://maki.org.il/he/ainmenu-41, alas in Hebrew.

I'm a supporter of boycotting products from the settlements and of selective
efforts against specific targets. This is in line with the position of
Jewish Voice for Peace, Gush Shalom and other organizations on the left that
support Palestinian rights.

I'm a past refusenik who spent time in Israeli military prison during the
first Intifada. From 1985-1999 I was an active member of the Israeli radical
peace camp, supporting Palestinian rights through direct action, electoral
politics, military refusal, employment at a Palestinian human rights
organization in East Jerusalem, etc. 


How petty to smear me on this list in front of so many people for an issue
completely unrelated to David Berger's original rebuttal. By all means
follow Berger's example and oppose my views in a published article under my
name, but let's not mischaracterize my politics on an unrelated issue. (And
for sure let's not waste any more time on ad hominem attacks irrelevant to
the weighty matters under discussion here.)


Surely the Marxist left has bigger fish to fry and better models for
intellectual engagement. 





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