[Marxism] Why we should outgrow "diversity of tactics"

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 30 08:30:08 MDT 2012

As someone active in the labor wing of OWS, I have argued strenuously
against the use of the "diversity of tactics" slogan as an excuse to not
marshal against disrupters and provocateurs.

However, Swanson makes his threat to withhold support from the Chicago
demonstration at a particularly bad time: a time when the City of Chicago
just denied a permit for a peaceful protest, obviously hoping it would give
them an excuse to brutalize protesters who will come anyway. (The fight for
a permit continues.) And at a time when many would just as soon focus on
re-electing the Warmongerer in Chief rather than protesting him.

Last weekend at the UNAC conference I heard Swanson at a workshop on
strategy and tactics then and now, where Jeff Mackler of UNAC and Socialist
Action and Chris of OWS outlined their respective philosophies of
mobilizing and societal change. It was a very friendly dialogue.

Swanson, in contrast, gave the nuttiest speech I've heard in a long time,
about what a great success the Briand-Kellogg antiwar pact of 1928 was, how
it united everybody from rich to poor, general to garbageman, and what a
big impact it had (never mind the dozens and dozens of millions butchered
shortly thereafter in World War II). And how we had to work for a similar
treaty today.

Now I don't have any evidence that would allow me to connect his nutty
peace pact idea with his hesitancy to support the Chicago demos. Maybe he's
compartmentalized the two in his head.

But it makes you wonder...

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