[Marxism] Galloway wins

Paul Flewers trusscott.foundation at blueyonder.co.uk
Fri Mar 30 09:53:02 MDT 2012

My feelings are mixed. On the one hand, it is good to see New Labour
get a drubbing, and to see the Liberal Democrats -- who are in a
coalition government with the Tories, and are actually responsible for
allowing the Tories to form a secure government in the first place --
lose their deposit with such a low vote.

However, Galloway, for all his well-aimed jabs at New Labour and the
Tories, not to mention his astonishing attack upon US politicians and
has-been Hitchens in the USA, has a long history of opportunism,
including buttering-up to dubious Middle Eastern dictators and
heavies, and appealing to Muslims in Britain in a very communalist
manner, rather than provide a class appeal to all workers.

Altogether, the balance is rather in his favour. It is, perhaps, a
rather unhappy sign of the times that Galloway is the most prominent
figure on the left in Britain today.

Paul F

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