[Marxism] Who is John Galt?

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Subject: [Marxism] Who is John Galt?

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Reflections on the fatal building collapse at Columbia's Manhattanville
expansion site;







That was an interesting article. It’s always strangely edifying to see the
invertebrates that scuttle for cover on the rare occasions when business as
usual has to be temporarily halted and the stone has to be lifted up for
ruling class ‘justice’ to be seen to be done. 


But I confess I’m a bit puzzled by this sentence at the end:


“Perhaps I am just naïve, but as long as corporations like Bovis, John Galt
and Breeze bend or break the law, they must be shunned.”


I am very, very far from being a veteran Marxist like so many who contribute
to the discussions here. My engagement with Marxism is really nothing more
than an uncommitted, loosey-goosey and not terribly well informed sympathy –
as a certain Spartacist friend of mine who has tried to win me to the party
will attest. But am I totally off-base in thinking that the point of Marxism
is not merely that “bad” corporations that flout the law should be
“shunned?” (BTW, what concrete form would this shunning take – or, more to
the point I guess, what form does the implied routine ‘non-shunning’ take?)


Doesn’t Marxism insist that all for-profit structures must be not merely
shunned, but eliminated entirely – smashed, as the Sparts would say? Even
the nice, law-abiding ones whose existence is at the very least implied by
your formulation? 


Andrew Brooks


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