[Marxism] French election

Billy O'Connor billyoc at gmail.com
Sat Mar 31 22:23:48 MDT 2012

dan <d.koechlin at wanadoo.fr> writes:

> The most striking feature of the election run-up so far has been
> Mélanchon's rising popularity, due entirely to his amazing rhetorical
> abilities. Admirers and foes alike are bewitched by his
> charisma. "Mark my words, people ... ARE ... ANGRY ! ANGRY ! They
> finally, finally, understand that they have been hoodwinked, lied to,
> conned by the rich. Well I say, if you earn more than 300 000 a year,
> then I will take it all. Do you hear ? I WILL TAKE IT ALL. 100%
> taxation. Nobody in this country should earn more than 20 times (and
> that is far too much) the minimum wage which I propose to raise to 1
> 700. And if you don't like it, if you refuse to see your perks taken
> away, then I SAY LEAVE ! YES ! LEAVE ! The workers in this great
> nation can manage things without you ! LEAVE ! By caping the amount of
> wealth that capitalists steal, we WILL TRANSFER BILLIONS BACK TO THE
> WORKING CLASS. We will create millions of jobs. Our country will be
> based on solidarity, not money ! So, I tell all you greedy executives
> : LEAVE ! And we will see how much better things can be run by workers
> ! I will tax all, all finance-derived income to the tune of 99% and
> that will leave us with hundreds of billions with which to make our
> lives, the lives of the toiling masses, infinetly better. Education,
> healthcare, solidarity, less working hours, and we, as a nation, will
> at last be able to truly claim as ours those beautiful words : LIBERTY
> (rapturous applauses)

Any footage of this speech available, Dan?

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