[Marxism] Battle for the soul of Occupy/Academics and Occupy

michael yates mikedjyates at msn.com
Tue May 1 15:56:03 MDT 2012

I read in this report that the UAW is one of the entities that Occupy worries is trying to coopt them. I have just finished Gregg Shotwell's fine book, Autoworkers Under the Gun. My advise to Occupy is to stay as far away from the UAW as possible. This union has fucked over its own members so badly and so often that its leaders ought to be drawn and quartered. Concerning Occupy, Gregg said this (not from his book, he speaks here not just of his own union but of US unions in general):
"Concession and compromise to the One Percent is the M.O. of U.S. unions. Rank-and-file workers should be able to see themselves
in the bloody skull of Iraq War veteran Scott Olsen, struck dumb by Oakland police. Every day workers make heroic sacrifices to provide
a dignified life for their families. Every day union leaders shoot down workers’ aspirations and incapacitate any chance workers have to
shield their families from the latest act of economic terrorism. Where is the union leader in the United States today who has the
temerity to defy the capitalist oligarchy? For the most part, we don’t have genuine union leaders, we have corporate servants with union
titles and six figure salaries. When U.S. corporations invested profits “Made in America” overseas, labor unions in the U.S. cut
wages for new hires and blamed foreign competition. When U.S. corporations underfunded pensions, U.S. labor leaders forced
retirees to make sacrifices. The operable word for rank-and-file workers isn’t competition,concession, or compromise. The operable word is Occupy."


Louis also posted a report about academics studying Occupy. Fuck most academics even more than most unions. Todd Gitlin! Fuck Todd Gitlin. Go home. Your day is done. Maybe it will be the academics who coopt Occupy. PhD theses. Occupy Studies majors and certificate programs. Courses in every discipline.  Articles galore for tenure committtees to consider. Chaired professorships in Occupy. Memorial prizes for the best Occupy essay by an undergraduate. Grants from liberal foundations for study. Plus Occupy clothing, etc. in campus bookstores.



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