[Marxism] Horowitz and Avakian similar pasts

Ethan Young ethanyoung at earthlink.net
Tue May 1 22:52:42 MDT 2012

It once occurred to me that all you have to do to get a following in the Bay Area was stand on a street corner wearing a funny hat.

Avakian and Horowitz both worked with the BPP, and both were affiliated with Ramparts magazine, the main mouthpiece of the Bay Area left to a national readership.

However, the closest Horowitz got to the Maoist milieu that Avakian had a big hand in turning into a local force (collectives, a popular Berkeley bookstore, many newspapers) was his friendly relationship with Monthly Review. MR Press published his Empire and Revolution. MR seems to be the only lefties Horowitz had any truck with whom he hasn't since fingered.

Horowitz was never into "M-L-MTT", let alone the silent "S", Stalin(ism). He leaned more towards Luxemburg before the murder of a friend - allegedly by the Panther Party - hurled him to the right.

Avakian was always a tinpot leader and a crackpot theorist with his own problems, but in the 'final analysis' he can and should be judged on the basis of his politics.

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