[Marxism] Green nazis

Sun Eagle suneagle79 at yahoo.com
Thu May 3 16:03:02 MDT 2012

I find it significant that those historians of the Holocaust that make the case for the existence of a Nazi philosophy are either Jewish Americans, such as Coonz, or Israeli historians, such as Yehuda Bauer, who once wrote: "Hitler, Himmler et all had a philosophy---the re-drawing of the racial map of Europe. It was a crazy philosophy, but a philosophy nevertheless." In other words, the victims, and children of the victims, of the Nazi genocide grasp that there was a philosophical core to Nazism---biopolitics---and not a jerry-built contraception of crazy ideas.


To the extent that the Nazis did have any sort of a house philosopher, that role was played by Alfred Rosenberg, who was a man filled with all sorts of crackpot ideas on wide variety of subjects.


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