[Marxism] Green nazis

Sun Eagle suneagle79 at yahoo.com
Fri May 4 09:02:39 MDT 2012


It's tough sledding, but once you pass Coonz you might want to give THE INTELLECTUAL ORIGINS OF FASCISM.
by Zeeb Sternhell a go. Sternhell argues that fascism had deep intellectual roots in European thought, going all the way back to the French counter-revolution, but picked up steam in the late 19th century with the likes of Sorel and Nietzsche. BTW, The same author's THE FOUNDING MYTHS OF ISRAEL is eqyally explosive, as Sternhell posits that Zionism was simply one more European volkish movement (albeit its ambitions lay outside of Europe), and aking to fascism in promising a phony harmony between labor and capital. (Tgis is the reason why Zionists in Israel attacked his house some years back.)

Re of the Horowitz Fourteen: I hate to sound James Bondish, but must masintain some degree of anonymity if I am to carry out anti-Zionist work. Horowitz knows this, which is why he has been attacking me in print for the last twelve years. The result? A backlash and blowback: Not only letters of support from the likes of UC Press but also having my writings on Palestine published from USA TODAY to THE HUFFINGTON POST, HAARETZ and THE JERUSALEM POST. Maybe I should put David on my list as PR man.

Thanks for this reference, Sun Eagle,

Thank you, Dayne, for your kind words. How does anyone work alongside a neo-Nazi?

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