[Marxism] Green nazis

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Fri May 4 11:08:45 MDT 2012

Far be it from me to argue with a "new classic" of any sort, but . . . .

Naziism and fascism does not represent a common, distinctive set of
ideas.  This view serves to distinguish between the ideas of fascism
and those that we encounter every day in the capitalist society around
us.  I suspect tha this, as much as anythin, inspires the academic
strivings to see the Nazies as more coherently exotic in their

Fascism represents a ruthless response by the ruling class to end the
political threat of social upheavily by mobilizing ordinary people who
feel threatened by the social upheaval.  Although some individuals may
strive to bring coherence to their thoughts, Nazis as a group used any
words they needed to assist in that mobilization.  They were, after
all, National "Socialists."  They also defended "traditional values,"
they said.  Bottom line, is that they said many things, some of them
sincere, perhaps, about some of what they said, while almost nobody
could have been consistently sincere about everything they said.  They
spoke in a way that Christian conservatives, "scientific racists" or
of Aryan occultists could selectively hear what they wanted.

Bringing coherence to this tends to involve intellectual
cherry-picking with a judicious exclusion of what's inconsistent with
the argument.

Again, I suspect that tendency to conjure something distinctively
coherent out of fascist thought is an attempt to hold it arms length
from our own society.  Sadly, I hear "progressive" people around me
every day making strained rationalizations about the authoritarian
innovations of the Obama administration, which are almost verbatim the
same strained rationalizations that "conservatives" made about the
authoritarian innovations of his predecessor.

Under the right circumstances, the fears and resentments that these
express can be tapped and mobilized . . . articulating not a distinct
new ideology but ecclectic appeals to a mass political psychology
characteristic of an age of advertising and public relations.


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